Keynote Speaker - Kalliope Barlis 

Kalliope teaches golf strategies that are useful and practical unlike any other approach in the mainstream golf industry. Practicing golf and playing golf are both very different. Practicing golf is about taking risks, learning a routine technique to have confidence in challenging situations and developing target awareness. On the other hand, playing golf is about the connection between you and the target on the fairway, green or hole. That's it. The stronger that magnetic force is between you and the target, the greater your ability to land your target. Thus, decreasing your score. Kalliope also describes, step by step, exercises that can be done anywhere just by thinking that will dramatically improve anyone's game when applied. Book us now for your next event. All keynotes are specifically designed for the people present. 

Next Keynote Speech - The University of Maryland Eastern Shore, The PGA Golf Management Program of The School of Business and Technology 03/12/15 11AM

Elite Private Lessons

The biggest limitation in a person's golf game is a dull imagination, whereas Kalliope opens up your brain to new understandings to create more vivid holographic thoughts so that you land your target more often. It's not just about visualization and seeing your ball flight. Its about hearing the sweet spot while feeling your body light before you take your shot. 

Kalliope uses modalities of change through elite golf instruction that may include NLP skills and Coaching Training, lifestyle suggestions, Eastern Asian Medicine techniques for maintaining well-being and a thorough test of foods that are best for you while eliminating foods that deter your focus.

Elite Group Lessons

Elite golf instruction for groups with Kalliope offers colleagues, friends and family the opportunity to do things together while learning to play golf with more ease and enjoyment. Together, you can master your brain and skills in an open environment for anyone to learn where you learn that competition is with yourself and not others. What will matter the most is that you become a better golfer while being inspired by those around you who will be doing the same. 

All keynotes and lessons are designed specifically for the people learning. 


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