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Phobia Relief: From Fear to Freedom

Play Golf Better Faster

Phobia Relief Day
Saturday, October 26th, 2019

Kalliope's Phobia Relief for Riding in Elevators


Hear a new licensed practitioner of NLP talk about our high level program:


Learn More About Our Professional Development Programs & The Transformational Series

Level 1 - Transforming You

Because you will learn skills that change how you communicate with yourself and others, you will learn how to change your life profoundly,  the same way we work with others to do so. It is a magical experience of edutainment education and entertainment combined. Featuring the Phobia Relief skills from Phobia Relief: From Fear to Freedom. There are no limits to the applications of what you will learn and some people aren't convinced of the profound skills until they do it. Every participant agrees they receive a high level of training that changes their life forever because you gain the skills to remain in control of yourself and how you communicate with your colleagues, spouse, partner, kids and everybody else. And if you want, your can upgrade and obtain a license to use the skills with others, internationally.  

Do you want to succeed more in your life? Do you have fear or guilt that holds you back from building your best life? Do you have stress, anxiety, panic or feel confused, disconnected, depressed, lonely and especially when people around you are having fun? This program will teach you how to get over what holds you back so you can move into a life of prosperity and strengthen your self, your marriage, your relationships, your work, your friendships, your connection with your kids and more. 

Level 2 - Transforming You

During this program, you will learn new skills and learn deeper levels of what you learned in Level One. Since you have a strategy for all that you do, you'll learn how your strategies can be fine tuned or redesigned to be more efficient. Learn how your strategies can be decoded and redeveloped into better ones for you to live a richer life. And if you want, you acquire a license upon complete attendance you can practice these skills anywhere in the world. 

Level 3 - Coaching You

Since this is a program dedicated to you specifically developing your ability to achieve your goals, you will learn how to create change on a high level while planning for your success. By learning how to do it your self, you will be able to do it with others, if you want. This is not just about how to get rid of what you don't want, its about planning for what you do want more of each and every day of your life. Learn from our high level of training. 

Building Your Best Coaching Just for You

In just a few sessions, you will gain the clarity to live a freer life and have greater well being to gain more of what you want in your life. Every moment is just for you leading you into a more prosperous life. If you feel pressure, stress, anxiety or anything that holds you back, you will learn how to think to increase the quality of your life. Some people say that it can't be that easy, but so many have experienced how easy it is. Change is quick, easy and to the point. 

Building Your Best Mentoring

During an apprentice style learning setting with Kalliope at The Center for Health & Happiness, you will have one on one attention so that your skills burst into a higher level of mastery to use Neuro-Linguistic Programming in your daily life at work and with your family. If you're a trainer, you will learn how to train others your best. If you are a practitioner, your ability to make change in others will profoundly thrust into easier and greater action. You will work less for others to change more. 

Shrink Obstacles and Explode Into Your Best

NLP Expert Kalliope is a master at creating transformation in people. In the Transformational Series, she teaches you to learn how to transform your fears, bad memories and limiting beliefs into a plan thrusts your life into action.

Every participant who has attended agrees they gain a profound experience that thrusts their life into greater wealth, not just with money but richness in all areas of their life. They connect more with their kids, spouses, partners, and others to develop a better life, building their best.   

If you want to meet Kalliope in person, and experience true  profound change for greater well being and success, register here. 

March 20, 2017 Phobia Relief with NAPW

working pic.jpg

Kalliope opened the evening with a mesmerizing talk about the truth of overcoming fears involved with career change.  Thanks a million to the Louise Newman, The national President of The National Association of Professional Women for selecting Kalliope to add value to the evening.



Building Your Best is dedicated to human excellence so that you gain more of what you want. This includes more wealth in both your professional and personal lives because we realize that wealth not only includes money but the wealth of experience. 

True wealth is intimacy within your daily life including your self, family, friends, colleagues and the community so that we maintain balance in an ever changing fast paced life.  The richer our experience of the world is within, the richer our lives become.

Building Your Best teaches you how to make your life rich with what you have and how you can achieve more, if that's what you want. The strategies employed are based in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) through keynotes, seminars and workshops and are highly effective in eliciting prosperity and the acquisition of true wealth. 

Our clients include corporations and philanthropies interested in optimizing their workforce, universities bringing the best of motivation to their students, members of clubs interested in enhancing their lives, people who want to learn golf and golfers who want to take their game to the next level. 

Building Your Best can lead you and your company in the right direction so that you continue having the life and prosperity you want.



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